Soft Grip Contour Scraper Set with 6 Blades (CS6)

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With an ergonomic, durable soft grip handle, 6 interchangeable stainless steel blades, 12 cutting edges and a half round file for resharpening, the Allway Tools Contour Scraper is the perfect set for scraping and refinishing molding, rounds, indents and other intricate wood shapes.

Product Details:
Durable Soft Grip Handle
Half Round File for Blade Sharpening stores Inside Handle
6 Heat Treated, Ground, Cutlery Stainless Steel Blades
Each Blade has 2 shaped cutting edges
Blade Storage Case
The Six Blades are Great for:
Concave indents and narrow flat reveals
Small flat and small concave grooved molding
Medium and large rods, dowels and convex moldings, and balusters
Flat work and large concave moldings, crown moldings, and chair rails
Sharp indented moldings and concave moldings, pilasters, and mantels
Round moldings, wood curtain rods, door and window casings

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