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Our premium flexible coatings have a wide range of use from decorating to general maintenance, offering the highest level of durability and weatherproofing for those more difficult projects where conventional materials fail.

See below for our full range of unique coating solutions by browsing our "Projects" section below.

We also have a unique range of products for Electrical insulation, Waterproofing, Leather and Vinyl repairs, as well as our popular "Rerack" coating for repairing dishwasher racks and other vinyl coated wire racks.

Browse our separate sections for industry leading "Automotive" exterior and interior refinishing products and our "Allway" tools section for a premium brand of high quality decorators hand tools. 


Liquid wrap for your vehicle, wheels, decals and trims. Decorative and protective coatings for boats and other marine equipment. Vehicle and Boat interior refinisher,

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Aerosol Coatings

If you know what you want, browse the Full Aerosol Spray Range in one simple convenient place. Otherwise see our projects and automotive section for more information.

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Maintenance & Protection

A range of highly flexible, weatherproof, durable premium coatings to solve your maintenance and protection requirements. Inside and out.

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Repair solutions for; Rips and tears on Leather and vinyl. Dishwasher rack and other vinyl coated racks. Inflatables, Awnings and other outdoor equipment.

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Liquid Electrical Tape for permanent or temporary insulation of all types of electrical connections, PCB boards, instruments and more.

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Plasti Dip products are used in a huge range of different applications for providing high performance waterproofing solutions.

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Enhancer Topcoats

Personalise & customise your project with our range of enhancer coats. Many available in handy Aerosols or Liquid format.

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Bespoke & Custom Colours

Personalise & customise your project with our Bespoke range, available in selected RAL & BS colours.

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Easy to use products to provide many surfaces including textiles with a slip resistant surface.

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Preparation & Care Products

Our Range of preparation, cleaning and maintenance products.

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Primers & Thinners

Our specialy formulated Plasti Dip Thinners for Brushing or Spraying. Plasti Dip & HCF primer increase adhesion by up to 400%. Recommended for non-absorbent surfaces.

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Products to aid application, storage, personal safety equipment and cleaning.

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Allway Tools

Allway Tools - Well built and designed hand tools, for the Professional. Allway Tools' Soft Grip products are high quality, premier grade hand tools, designed for ultimate comfort and every day usability. With Soft Grip, you can be sure that every job will turn out looking clean and professional. Experience the difference of high quality materials and careful construction crafted into each and every Soft Grip tool for yourself. Soft Grip handles ensure maximum comfort for any job Durable blades Premier Grade tool line ensures a top quality job every time

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