Plasti Dip - Repair


Repair solutions for;

For rips and tears on Leather and vinyl.

Dishwasher rack and other vinyl coated racks.
Inflatables, Awnings and other outdoor equipment.
ReRack is ideal for touching up rusted or damaged dishwasher racks and eliminating the transfer of rust on to dishes.  
This flexible, synthetic rubber coating exhibits excellent adhesion to dishwasher and other vinyl coated racks.
ReRack synthetic rubber coating will provide protection for years.

Vyna Bond is a Strong, Flexible Vinyl contact adhesive... even underwater!

VYNA BOND also works as a superior glue for PVC plastic.

Typical applications include: Waterbeds, Swimming pool liners, Bouncy castles, Lilos, Swimming pool covers,Tarpaulins, Awnings, Inflatables, Waders,

All types of outdoor gear!