Plasti Dip - Maintenance & Protection

Maintenance & Protection

At Plasti Dip, we specialise in developing and manufacturing our own unique protective coatings using over 100 years of product development and applications experience to solve challenges where others have failed. 

Our premium flexible coatings have a wide range of use from decorating to general maintenance, offering the highest level of durability and weatherproofing for those more difficult projects.

Suitable for Wood, Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass, Stone, Concrete, Rubber, Glass, Ropes and Fabrics.

Our HCF range is also ideal for refurbishing UPVC windows and doors.

Plasti Dip and HCF are ideal for areas that are subject to contraction and expansion causing conventional paints to crack and peel, due to its high flexibility and UV stability it provides a long term solution to this common problem, indoors or out.

Excellent corrosion resistance.

See our "Warmergrip" product to provide a warm to the touch, anti slip, static resistant coating for interior and exterior metal work.

We can also offer a bespoke colour service using the "RAL Classic" colour collection and a wide range of " BS" standards colours.

Plasti Dip products are used in a huge range of different applications, browse our range for further details to see how Plasti Dip products can provide solutions for your next project.