Personal Protection Kit

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Personal Protection Kit

Spray Foam Personal Protection Kit:  1 x Gerson Respirator, 1 x Tyvek Coveralls, 1 x Safety Goggles and 6 x pairs of Nitrile Gloves.

We recommend our Personal Protection Kit when doing large spray foam or spray painting applications.  These cost effective kits are a must to ensure the highest level of safety when using spray foam equipment and/or spray painting equipment.

Included in this kit:

1)  Gerson Organic Vapor P95 Dual Cartridge Respirator is recommended for paint and spray applications and is usable with Isocyanates when used in accordance with change out schedule (Change filters every 8 hours).  Your choice of large or medium mask size.  The respirator is NIOSH approved.

2)  Tyvek Coveralls protect head, clothes and shoes from spills and splatters and are made from heavy duty tear resistant Tyvek® fabric.  These coveralls may be used for lead based paint, asbestos and mold removal.

3)  Trimaco Super Tuff Nitrile Gloves are latex FREE.  We include six pairs in each kit.  These gloves are highly resistant to alcohol and petroleum based products and more puncture resistant than latex gloves.  They are powder free and ideal for use in painting, spray foam application and other cleaning or industrial applications.

4)  Trimaco's Super Tuff Safety Goggles can be worn with most half mask respirators.  Comfort is assured with adjustable straps, and fogging is reduced with vented sides.

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