Pro FX Spectral Pig. - Sunset Bronze

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Our Pro FX Spectral Pigments add a whole new level to decorating and detailing with Plasti Dip.

In cooperation with one of the world's premier pigment manufacturers, we offer a range of non-metallic effect pigments that are a step above common pearl additives. Our pigments are designed for consistent color, effect, and long term UV stability. The colors and effects created by our pigments are based on reflection and refraction of light through the pigment structure. This gives you highlights and subtle color shifts that enhance the final look and can't be achieved with standard colors.


We recommend that you apply your finish in 2 to 3 layers.


First, apply your base color. This can be any color of Plasti Dip. Our illustrations typically show a base of black Plasti Dip but any color can be used.


Second, apply the effect pigment layer.

For best results we’ve found that 5 grams of our Pro FX Spectral Pigment mixed with 1 US gallon of clear Plasti Dip Sprayable (the pre-thinned stuff).


We've talked to people who think they need, 25 g, 75 g, or 150 g per gallon. You don't need this much!

We’ve experimented extensively with a range of loadings and we firmly believe that 5 grams per gallon works best for all our Pro FX pigments. The particles in our effects pigments need room around them to allow for the refraction and reflection of light. If the pigments are mixed too densely then spectral effects are reduced. A 5 gram per gallon mixture provides the optimum spacing for the pigments to work properly.



Third, if you want a high gloss sheen, apply a layer of Plasti Dip Glossifier. This really lets the effect pigments shine.




Keys to proper application and consistent results include proper measuring, and thorough mixing, including wetting out of the pigments. Our pigments are packaged in 5 gram portions to make this easy.

 For mixing and application please see our video for detailed instructions.


Our Pro FX spectral pigment's color changing, sparkle, and glitter produce an extremely broad range of colors and effects. You will be amazed by the broad pallet you can create by using existing Plasti Dip base colors and our pigments. With these Pro FX effect pigments, Standard Colors, Fluoros and Blazes look awesome. With a long lasting UV stability, fading of the base coat, including Fluoros, is minimized. 

To get the most out of our Pro FX Spectral Pigments requires some additional steps and care to achieve the best the best quality finish.Key to getting that high quality finish is

·       Apply a good quality base coat.

·       How much pigment to use

·       Wetting the pigment

·       Proper Mixing


Apply the base coat

Most of our initial testing we use a base coat of Black Plasti Dip. This is the color we used for all the examples shown on our Pro FX Spectral Pigments product listings and in the examples shown in the picture below. Apply enough coats to get a good even color finish.


The thing is, you can use any color as a base coat. You get different effects using different base colors. You can use the effect pigment to enhance a complimentary color or find a combination that gives you something entirely unique. This is one area where you can experiment a lot. We’ve even used these over Fluorescent Colors and got some fantastic results, but more about that later.


How Much Pigment to Use?

Quiz time!

How much do we recommend per gallon? a) 5 grams, b) 5 grams.

Answer: 5 grams


We found that with our Pro FX Spectral Pigments 5 grams per gallon results in spectacular effects almost every time. Are there some cases where 5 grams isn’t right? Yes, we’ve had excellent results using both a little less and a little more. In particular our Sunset Bronze and Crimson Red looked more intense with 10-15 g/gallon over a light base color but in most cases 5 grams is best.


Again this is 5 grams of Pro FX pigment for each gallon of Clear Plasti Dip Spray that you use. If you use clear concentrate then you want to increase the amount of pigment to 7-10 grams. Why? Because there is almost twice as much resin (the part that remains after the solvent evaporates) in 1 gallon of Plasti Dip concentrate than in 1 gallon of Plasti Dip Spray.


Wetting the Pigment


Highly recommended; this is the key to getting fantastic results. Place the Pro FX Spectral Pigment in a small amount (about 1/2 pint) of the Clear Plasti Dip Spray then mix thoroughly. Use a mixer or mixing stick if you have one. When you think you’re done, keep mixing. You want the entire portion of pigment to be separated in the liquid; no clumps, nothing sitting at the bottom, no large particles. Your mixing jar should look like a cloudy semi-clear liquid. Once you have this part done you are ready to add it to the rest of your Clear Plasti Dip Spray.


Proper Mixing

First, mix your Clear Plasti Dip Spray thoroughly before adding anything to it. You may not notice but you cannot tell if the resin has separated from the thinner. So mix it up well.

Next pour the Wetted Pigment mixture slowly in to the Clear Plasti Dip spray while you continue mixing. Continue mixing the gallon for another several minutes in insure that the pigment is evenly distributed throughout the Clear Plasti Dip. You are now ready to spray.


Under no circumstances should you just dump the pigment into a large container (1 gallon or larger) of Plasti Dip. No matter how much mixing you do you will still have clumps. Wetting the pigment makes a huge difference and should not be skipped.

As you spray, periodically mix the Clear Dip with pigment. The pigment is held in suspension and over time, will settle out. Periodic mixing will keep an even mixture for the entire time that you spray.


A Word about Fluorescent Colors

As we said above you can create all sorts of unique finishes using our Pro FX Spectral Pigments and different base colors. We've been testing out combinations with Plasti Dip's Fluorescent Colors and have gotten some Mind Blowing results.


We've used two methods: 

  • First, we coated the Fluorescent Base with the Clear Coat/Pigment Mix.
  • Second, we mixed the Pro FX Spectral Pigments directly into the Fluorescent Plasti Dip. Use the application method we outline above. Again, Great Results.

Plasti Dip's Fluorescent Colors have gotten a bad rap for fading and not holding up as well as their standard colors; but here's the thing. Our Pro FX Spectral Pigments are Highly UV Stable. Plasti Dip Clear Spray and Glossifier both contain UV stabilizers. When used over the Fluorescent Colors (or mixed in) fading is reduced tremendously. We're doing more longer term testing on this but our early examples are holding up extremely well. We'll keep you posted with the long terms results when they're available.


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