Plasti Dip - Maintenance & Protection Coatings

Maintenance & Protection Coatings

Our Industrial Maintenance and protection products create high performance architectural coatings to help protect interior and exterior surfaces from extreme conditions such as immersion, heavy abrasion, repeated high or low temperatures, and repeated exposure to water, wastewater, chemicals, corrosives, caustics, or acids.

General Maintenance & Protection

Durable & flexibel decorative coatings for Exterior and Interior use. Capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

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High strength repairs to Vinyl Coated Racking Inc Dishwashers etc, Leather, Vinyl coverings and PVC liners, even underwater.

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Plasti Dip products are used in a huge range of different applications for providing high performance waterproofing solutions.

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Easy to use and apply products to provide many surfaces including textiles with a slip resistant surface.

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