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Plasti Dip products are used in a huge range of different applications, sometimes solving problems that most people would never know need solving to begin with!
See below for our full range of unique coating solutions for many other substrates.

See our Enhancer products to personalise and add startling effects to your Plasti Dip coated items.

Our Bespoke range allows you to colour co-ordinate to corporate colours or client requirements using RAL and BS colours.



Our Glass containment coatings provide shatterproof protection to many glass items including low energy bulbs. Can also be used as a temporary protective glass coating to avoid handling damage and scratches.

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Coat and protect many types of woven and bonded fabrics. Indoors and out.

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The coatings can help seal edges, prevent fraying and rotting. As well as provide comfortable grip.

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Enhancer Coats

Personalise & customise your project with our range of enhancer coats. Many available in handy Aerosols or Liquid format.

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Bespoke Range

Personalise & customise your project with our Bespoke range, available in selected RAL & BS colours.

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Our Range of preparation, cleaning and maintenance products. And ancillary items.

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