Plasti Dip - Plasti Dip - Peel Coat

Plasti Dip - Peel Coat

• Peel Coat dries to form a strong, flexible and easily removable film
• No more fiddling with adhesive tapes, time consuming & painstaking
cutting in
• Ideal for all masking jobs, great for decorators, builders & artists
• Peel Coat is easy to use, simply apply to the areas to mask, once finished
just peel off to leave a bleed free straight edge with no adhesive residue
• Can be applied with brush, roller, airless sprayer or our convenient
• Available in various sizes and colours including clear.
• Peel Coat is also ideal for temporary protection on a variety of surfaces
to protect against scratching caused by general handling, sandblasting,
grinding and plastering.