Stumped for a gift idea for your loved one? Well let me get your ideas flowing…

Whether it’s for a Birthday, Valentines Day, an Anniversary or just to cheer them up, Plasti Dip could be your saving grace. You can personalize almost anything temporarily (or permanently if they love it that much). So read on to learn how to get in their good books this year…

      Their car could be a great place to show your creative flare. The wheel trims can be transformed relatively quickly or you could co-ordinate the interior trims with their favourite colour and even add a pearlescent finish using an enhancer or go ultra striking with a flourescent effect. It needn’t be a car…any mode of transport could be transformed…their bike, wheelchair, mobility scooter, Quad bike, skate board, kids scooter, Go-cart etc.
      You could transform the look of your garden or outdoor space ready for the celebrations by painting old pots and garden furniture with Plasti Dip, even the Shed/Summer House/Man Cave could have a new lease of life. Try spraying foam cubes or other shapes with Plasti Dip to instantly add modern sculptured seating that is waterproof.
        Some of our customers have already embarked on their designs and successfully created a masterpiece of their own. Luckily they were willing to share them with you and me, so here is some of their handywork to hopefully inspire you. Whether you have a day, a weekend or a week; you can create a unique gift that is sure to put a smile on their face on that special day.

Maybe you have already got a fun idea but not sure how to achieve that personal touch? Consider the Custom Colour Kit so you can develop your own shades and personalize that special item.

It may not be as traditional as flowers and chocolates, but it’s a lot more imaginative and sure to give your loved one or friend a surprise they won’t forget and will talk about for years to come.

Go on, be brave and show them you really care…they will love you for your ingenuity and originality.

Don’t forget to let me know how you get on and what their reaction is!!! (I excitedly anticipate your photos and stories).