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Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip is an air dried, flexible, liquid matt coating for use on virtually anything!

Plasti Dip resists alkaline, acids, salts, moisture, abrasion, and most chemicals, and is an insulating dielectric coating. It will not crack, chip or peel, and will remain flexible even under severe conditions (-34ºc to +93ºc).

Plasti Dip can be dipped, brush coated and sprayed. Add more layers for greater protection and grip.

Wood: Seals and protects from weathering, and prevents splitting.
Metal: Reduces vibration, deadens sound and prevents corrosion.
Glass: Shatter-proofs glass objects (available in clear).
Also suitable for use on... plastic, rubber, fibreglass and concrete surfaces.

NOTE: Surfaces which are non-absorbent such as metals should be primed using our recommended Primers, which are available in clear and grey. However, do not use a primer if you wish to remove the coating later (such as a vehicle).