Plasti Dip is a popular product for people who like to repair vintage cameras. These beautiful old machines often have delicate parts with pinholes or tears which need resealing and repairing and Plasti Dip is great at the job.

Below we have rounded up some of the feedback we have received from customers who have used it in this application. Don’t forget, if you have any questions about your project or application, please drop up as a line or call us 01730 823823.

repairing vintage cameras with plasti dip

Use Plasti Dip products to repair camera bellows

Repairing a camera back cover

Maurice Haselden says: “I used the clear Plasti Dip to re-finish the back cover of my Nikon F90x camera which had deteriorated to a sticky mess, a common fault with this camera. I first removed the old coating with isopropyl alcohol, but it takes time to remove depending on the condition of the coating, the resulting surface was highly polished and I could have left it at that, but I found Plasti dip on the net, purchased an aerosol can of the clear type, and proceeded to spray the back. It worked perfectly, and the back now looks like new. Thank you PLASTI DIP.”

Repairing rear shutter curtains

Tony Long says: “I used Plasti-Dip Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Balck to fill pin-holes in my vintage 1950’s cameras cloth rear shutter curtain. Being flexible was critical so applied a few very thin coats with a small brush and after leaving for several days looks to have done the job. I’ve only used a minimal amount but against the significant cost to replace the shutter curtain I’m hopeful this will prove a long-term fix … the next few rolls of film will tell!”

Jerry Vaughan says: “I used your plastidip to repair a camera shutter curtain that was letting in light, and it worked very well.”

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