Dip Care - Dip PREP (Degreaser) - 500ml

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Dip Prep Degreaser is specially formulated as an all purpose surface cleaner for use with Plasti Dip multi-purpose coating.

The product cleans and removes contaminants that normal cleaners cannot touch.

It has the ability to remove heavier than normal dirt and films that conventional cleaners don't.  Dip Prep removes pollutants such as road debris, bugs, tar, bird droppings and much more.  Use it on the outside of your vehicle surface and on the inside!

Dip Prep uses biodegradable surfactants which are strong enough to break up and lift away heavy dirt film, grime and debris but are also gentle enough to be used on fabrics and carpeting to remove any stains, grease and dirt.

This pre-dip spray aids bonding of Plasti Dip, preventing undesirable bubbles and unwanted lift, offering you perfect dips every time!

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