Flex Primer - Aerosol Spray - 311g

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Our Plasti Dip Primer is an air dried, acrylic primer specifically developed to increase adhesion to surfaces by up to 400%.  Do NOT use if you require a peel off coating! 

Plasti Dip sticks to just about anything and on most surfaces bonds permanently.  However, as with any coating, primed surfaces are always best, and for this reason we have developed our Plasti Dip Primer to increase adhesion to most surfaces by up to 400%. 

Aerosol sprays ready to use.  Also available as liquid PRIMER that can be sprayed, dipped or brushed and offers fast set up time with a high coverage rate.  Typically applied in one coat - only extreme corrosion and abrasion require a second or third coat, eliminating extensive preparation for most applications.

Plasti Dip Primer is recommended on most non-absorbent surfaces, especially galvanized metal, to prevent peeling of Plasti Dip.

For best results apply Plasti Dip over our Primer as soon as it is dry to the touch.  Plasti Dip Primer is not recommended for use as a protective coating on its own.

Our Plasti Dip Primer is now available in Clear for use with our Clear coatings.

Resources - Preparation & Application Guidelines