White Wall Tire Paint

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White Wall Tire Paint.

There is a liquid in the paint which makes it softer and easier to paint which is partly made of thinner. But the main secret behind the formula is a fluid we put into the rubber which keeps it from getting completely solid. Actually the paint gets only 50% solid-hardness, preventing it from cracking on the moving tire. 
If you apply a small amount of the paint on a plastic film and peel it off after it is dry, you can stretch it like a balloon. That is why it tolerates the fast rotating radial tires, which will destroy all other paint. We also put titanium into the paint to minimize the effect of sunlight on the colour.

 This paint is ideal for crossply (nylon) tyres, but the soft sidewalls on radial tyres will cause cracking on some types. So we recommend the White Tire Paint only for crossply tyres, even though it can be used on radials, but then only on the responsibility of the owner.


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