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On this page, we’ve gathered together all the resources you’ll need to help make a great job of your Plasti Dip project.

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Preparation - The most important bit

plasti dip prepration

It is essential to ensure the surface is squeaky clean, grease, dirt, debris and contaminant free and thoroughly dry before coating.

Pay particular attention to the sills, trim, gutters, grills and any tight or hard to get to corners and gullies you would not normally treat. Also, ensure all water is removed from these areas before spraying.

All traces of previous wax or silicone residues from cleaning products must be removed with the correct de-greaser. Wash only with hot water as some soap detergents contain residues that Plasti Dip may not adhere to. Never use any petroleum, citric, alcohol or solvent-based cleaning or care materials on Plasti Dip.

Care should be taken with Petroleum avoiding any spillages onto the finished coating, ensure to wipe off any spills straight away.

Clean large areas with Panel Wipe and make sure everything is thoroughly dry. Small areas can be cleaned with Dip Care Prep Degreaser.

Dip Care – Dip PREP (Degreaser) – 500ml


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Panel Wipe – 5 Litres


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Applying Plasti Dip

Using a spray gun

We recommend a Wagner Earlex MS2901 Pressure Pot spray gun or similar, available from Amazon/eBay etc with a tip size of 1.4 -1.5mm. For professional users, look at the range from DeVilbiss

You can buy Plasti Dip ready mixed as a sprayable liquid or use regular Plasti Dip with thinners (up to 50%, up to 10% for top coats).

For a professional fine finish, Plasti Dip liquid should be filtered first. For best results, the temperature of the spraying area should be between 10°c and a maximum of 27°c.

Apply the first coat as a mist coat and gradually build up the layers.  Layers are touch dry and re-coatable in 30-45 minutes at 16-22°c and totally cured/dry 24-48 hours depending on temperature. Increase drying times in colder conditions.

Using an aerosol

•  WARM THE CAN – In cold conditions, place aerosol in warm water (approximately 21°c) for 10-15 minutes before use
•  SHAKE – well before and during use
•  TEST SPRAY – Do a test spray on a sample piece prior to application.
•  KEEP YOUR DISTANCE – Hold can 15-25cm from the surface when spraying, keeping your hand moving back and forth across the surface while spraying
•  BETWEEN COATS – Allow 30 minutes minimum.
•  DRY – Allow 4 hours minimum drying time before use

Using a brush

You can dilute with Plasti Dip thinners up to 25%. Gently mix before each use without introducing air bubbles.


Plasti Dip Primer is an adhesion promoter. Only use a primer to increase adhesion if you require a permanent coating. For permanent application, keying the surface with fine grit paper will improve adhesion if required. 

Dipping Cars


Plasti Dip regular coverage is approximately 20 sq ft (1.85 sq m) per litre,  approximately 3 sq m if spraying, 400ml aerosol coverage is approximately 5-10 sq ft (0.5-1 sq m) per aerosol.

For vehicles, we suggest a minimum of 6-7 coats. For other projects a minimum of 2-4 coats is recommended depending on application method and coverage requirement.


In the video below one of our customers, Andrew Regan demonstrates how applying multiple coats makes a huge difference when it comes to removal

How much do I need?

ALLOY WHEELS – For wheels, we recommend one aerosol spray per 18″ alloy.

MEDIUM CARS – To spray a medium-size car (eg. 3 series/C class/Mondeo size) we suggest 7.5 litres of Plasti Dip regular mixed 50/50 ratio by weight with 8.5 litres Plasti Dip thinners.

LARGER VEHICLES –  (BMW 7 series etc) will require a minimum of 10 litres of base coat and 11 litres of thinners mixed as above.

The above quantities depend on the change of base colour you are applying. 


All our standard regular colours are a matt finish which can be enhanced with top coats of either gloss, satin, pearl or metal effect. Use half the above quantity of base coat, thinned up to 10% for spraying. 

Glossifier (Colourless Gloss) – 750ml Can (Enhancer)


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Metalizer – 750ml Can (Enhancer)


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Pearlizer – 750ml Can (Enhancer)


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Dipping Car Badges With Plasti Dip

Perhaps you are just wanting to dip your badges. There are lots of helpful videos on youtube and social media which show how quick and easy this process is, but we have included one below to get you started. Simply mask off an area around your badge, spray and peel away the excess!

How To Protect Your Finished Dip

We have a range of Plasti Dip cleaners, sealants and revivers which you can find on our dip care page.

Dip Care – Dip REVIVE – 1 Litre


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Dip Care – Dip CLEANER – 1 Litre


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Additional instruction sheets, safety data sheets and product resources can be found on our resources page

Further commonly asked questions are answered on our FAQ

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