Happy New Year Plasti Dip followers. I hope you all had a good Christmas and enjoyed the festivities.

Did any of you receive Plasti Dip or a Plasti-dipped product for Christmas?

If so, do send us a picture of it to sales@plastidip.co.uk and let us know what you thought of your gift (you might even get a mention on our website).

Lets keep the fun going through January and help you save money after all the expense of the past few months.

Having taken down all the Christmas decorations your house can feel rather bare and a bit bland all of a sudden. So here are some fun DIY projects on a budget to bring some colour back into your world for 2015…

You can make ordinary basic items extraordinary with Plasti Dip. Remember that it is waterproof, so it can be used in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as outdoors. Mugs, glasses, cutlery, jars and lids, paper (origami creations), tins etc.


Natural objects can be given a new feel with a coat of colour. You could also try dipping leaves and arranging them or hanging them decoratively. Dipped twigs can be arranged in a vase or pot and       fairy lights draped around them.


Change your colour scheme for instant freshness by dipping some cute knick-knacks in Plasti Dip. It only takes a few carefully chosen pieces to create an impact. Picture frames, ornaments, baskets, lamp bases, vases, chairs, cupboard handles and even cushions.


You could also change your Christmas colour scheme ready for next year and make your baubles more robust by dipping them…so don’t throw them away yet!

Remember that no matter what size your project is…however large or small…we have a range of products to suit your needs. The Create your colour kit is perfect for smaller items and when you require different colours or larger tins of Plasti Dip and aerosol sprays for bigger surfaces.
It can be very theraputic and rewarding to reinvent something with your own bare hands. So instead of throwing out the old just so you can buy more stuff, have a think about plastidipping it first…