HyperDip® Shadow Black - peelable aerosol paint 311g

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HyperDip® Shadow Black is a deep, rich Satin Black right out of the can.
No topcoats or enhancers needed.

HyperDip® is the latest technology in peelable aerosol paints. HyperDip® is still peelable like Plasti Dip, however improved in every way.  HyperDip® is perfect for your Wheels, Trim, Emblems, Mirrors or any small surface.

You will notice the benefits of the advanced HyperDip® technology immediately:
- A smoother, flatter, slicker finish
- A stronger, stretchier coating
- Easier to wet out and spray like a professional
- Enhanced finishes and sheen right out of the can

HyperDip® is not compatible with traditional Plasti Dip or any other non-HyperDip® coatings, so please do not combine or stack with any other products.

HyperDip® protects dipped surfaces from acids, abrasion, corrosion, impact, salts, moisture and weathering.  It remains flexible, stretchy and will not crack, or become brittle in extreme temperatures when applied correctly.

Temperature guidelines:

Ideal temperatures for application range from 30F - 95F, however HyperDip® is sensitive to humidity.  Humidity levels at or below 50% are ideal.  In any climate, warming your cans in warm water prior to application dramatically helps achieve a smoother finish.

Test all applications in a small inconspicuous area to make sure it will meet your expectations and is suitable for each unique surface.  Although HyperDip® has proven to be safe and predictable, every surface is unique and it's impossible to predict how each surface will react.  Aerosols are not designed to spray large or horizontal surfaces.  Aerosols are not suitable for spraying hoods, roofs, doors, etc.  Please utilize our litres/gallons and sprayers for those surfaces.

Surface must be completely clean and dry before spraying.

HyperDip is NOT compatible with Glossifier. 

Resources - Preparation & Application Guidelines