Plasti Dip for jewellery and jewellery tools

Jewellery making Annie McNeely: “I’m a jeweller working in the UK and I’ve just discovered Plastidip. I love the way it coats different surfaces and the different effects you can get from layering coats. I’ve attached photographs – one is of a finished brooch with further brooches which are works in progress. The other photo...

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How to change the colour of your car inside and out

Do you want to easily change the colour of your car or van’s paintwork or transform your leather or vinyl vehicle interior? At we sell a number of products which make changing the colour of your car affordable and easy. How to change the colour of your car’s paintwork Plasti Dip is a hard-wearing...

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change the colour of window frames

How to paint UPVC windows

UPVC windows are very long-lasting, but as a result, many people find that after a house renovation they are left with windows that don’t match the style of a contemporary property. There are a few options to remedy this situation, you can simply replace the windows, but the cost of doing this can easily run...

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repair leaking wellies

How to repair leaking wellies

No matter how much you spend on a pair of wellies, sooner or later they’ll start to leak. The combination of freezing conditions, sunlight and constant wear and tear means these boots get a hard run and most of them end up in landfill once they cease to be watertight, but stop! You can reseal...

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hard wearing paint for horse jumps

Using Hard Coat Finish for horse jump poles

Do you struggle to find a hard-wearing paint for your horse equipment? We recently received some great feedback from customer Charlotte Marston who had used Hard Coat Finish to paint her horse jumps. Charlotte was new to and our range of Performix products and discovered us whilst browsing our shop on eBay. She’d previously...

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plasti dip on BBC repair shop

Plasti Dip features on BBC Repair Shop

Earlier this year Plasti Dip featured on BBC Repair Shop. The show is filmed at the Weald & Downland museum which is only a few miles from our Hampshire HQ, so we were delighted to be involved in a local production, especially one that showed another use of our versatile rubberised coating. In the show...

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repairing roofs with plasti dip

Using Plasti Dip on floors, surfaces and ceilings…

Plasti Dip is a hard-wearing rubberised protective coating which can be used in many applications. In this post we highlight some of the feedback we have received from customers who’ve used it on floors and ceilings, which we hope you’ll find useful. Don’t forget if you have any questions, you can always contact us to...

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allergic to banjo metal - plasti dip is the solution!

Using Plasti Dip for musical instruments

Musical instruments last a long time but often suffer from wear and tear. We’ve found many customers who have turned to Plasti Dip as a finish for their drums and banjos and in this post we share some of their feedback which we hope will give you ideas about how you can use our products...

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how to dip car badges

How to dip car badges with Plasti Dip

One of the quickest and easy things you can do to transform your car with Plasti Dip is to paint your badges. In this post we’ve rounded up some of the customer feedback we’ve had about this along with a couple of videos that show you how to spray your emblems. All you need is...

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Colorbond BMW car interior transformation

Plasti Dip UK recently started stocking the popular American Colorbond range which includes Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher, a multi-surface, car interior paint. LVP Refinisher comes in an easy to apply 340g aerosol which provides 2-3 metre coverage. You can choose from a range of popular interior colours for Ford, Mercedes, BMW and other...

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