Plasti Dip - Automotive


Best selling coatings for automotive refinishing as a peelable or permanent protective, decorative coating for wheels, emblems, decorative stripes and designs, bumpers, accessories, truck bed or the entire vehicle.

Easy to apply as a DIY or professional product with the minimum of preparation and equipment compared to conventional respraying.

A variety of colours and enhancers available to personalise your vehicle as well as many manufactures OEM colours available.

Plasti Dip & HCF is also ideal for providing decorative and protective coatings even in the harsh conditions of the open sea, so is an excellent choice for many marine projects.

For interior refurbishment or complete transformations of vehicle and boat interiors look no further than our ColorBond range. Arguably the easiest interior refinisher to apply with outstanding results and durability due to its molecular bonding with both Leather, Vinyl and hard plastics.